The approach of FARO Advies is twofold: based on its knowledge of societal developments FARO Advies itself pro-actively initiates projects and innovative ideas to further developing them and to further operationalize these ideas in close consultation with potential partners or customers. On the other hand, it supports organisations by developing and realising their project ideas both in the concept and idea phase as in the execution. The ambition is always the search for tailor-made and quality solutions. Basis for this approach is a broad and profound experience of Peter Laan, encountered at a large and diverse number of projects and tasks he was involved in. These experiences and knowledge form the basis for a solid and efficient support of partners, ending with a high qualitative and appealing result. FARO is well aware of the latest developments and innovations in those fields in which it is active, hence questions and issues raised can be solved efficiently. Moreover, FARO is linked to a large and comprehensive national and international network, that enables a connection with the right and relevant partners. This also applies to project routes where an active search is needed in order to find the right partners both at home and abroad across Europe. FARO Advies strives for a durable contact with its customers and clients, where Peter Laan can and wants to play the role of inspirator, executive partner and creative sparring partner.  

The vision is represented in its logo, the lighthouse (=Faro in Spanish and Portugese). It forms a metaphor for the approach: a beacon illuminating its surrounding environment, thereby offering the reassurance of safe navigating on a turbulent sea.


Inspiration. Two sources of inspiration are the primeval mother (Oermoeder), a statuette made of yew wood, made by the artist Will Schropp and a pen drawing called Inspirare, a watercolour made personally for me in 2006 by the famous painter Rob van Trier in "het Duvelskot" in Tilburg.  


Primeval mother (Oermoeder) (Will Schropp, 2001)                    Inspirare! (Rob van Trier, 2006): in-spireren = inspire new life 

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